I Am Security Agency is the South Florida Protection Force that specializes in residential and commercial security officers.

Facts about I Am Security

Since 2010

Privately Owned

Great Workplace

To combine the latest advances in technology with the most current methods of security and protection in order to deliver the highest quality, comprehensive solution for our clients'  security needs.

Using the latest communications including wireless and the internet, optical, laser and motion sensing technologies, combined with K-9 and human intelligence and years of experience in the security and law enforcement sectors, we aim to provide a 100% facility protection and asset loss prevention on a per-project or continuous basis, 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week, year round.

I Am Security, a privately owned company operating in South Florida, was founded in Miami by Amanda Brillant in 2010. With local and international experience of over 30 years in law enforcement, Emmanuel Brillant joined forces with I Am Security to form one of the greatest minority based enterprises. Since its inception, I Am Security has provided all kinds of security-related services throughout Miami-Dade and Broward counties, at various locations including new construction and remodeling project sites, office and commercial buildings, retail shops and small businesses, apartment complexes and private residences.

Our Staff

Our staff consists of trained and licensed professionals in the security industry, with decades of combined experience in the field. Some of our staff are current or retired members of the domestic and international law enforcement community, all embracing the company's philosophy of providing our clients with the highest quality of service delivered with a personal touch, with the goal of total customer satisfaction.

Our Corporate Clients Who Trust Us

Most of our new business comes from leads and recommendations by current or former clients who have been very satisfied over the years with the quality and professionalism of our service and the personal touch and courtesy provided by our staff. 

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